There is a few photos from my study abroad experience in England here. It was a six-month stay within the scope of Socrates/Erasmus programme. I used to study at the University of Bath in a picturesque historic city Bath (also known as Bath Spa). The stay took place in the interval from Jun-31-2003 to Aug-31-2003. I was accomodated together wit other international students at a university hall of residence called Bankside House. As England is a rather expensive country, I used to work in a local restaurant called Bink's Restaurant. there was a famouse american ice-cream shop Ben&Jerry's Ice-Cream as a part of the restaurant.
GeorgeP and John in Bath Spa

Well, this is the way Bath Spa looks like. Bath is situated in the county called Bath & North-East Somerset (B&NES). The most left-hand picture is a view of the entrance to the Abbey Church which is situated next to the entrance to the Roman Baths & Pump Room. It was taken from the Stall Street. Next picture depicts the historical city centre of Bath from the Alexandra Park. The two left-hand pictures were taken during the excursion in the historical spa (in the background there is a ¾ frontal view of the Abbey Church).

GeorgeP and street entertainers in Bath Spa

Since there is crowds of people are heading for Bath Spa, street entertainers come there so that they earned some money. They gather together around the historical city centre and most often they take turns at the Abbey Churchyard. Mainly they are musicians, who play the trupet, the guitar, the violin, or the fluet. However, other entertainers come as well, for example, jugglers, acrobats, and people dressed as they were statues. Some entertainers have their performances funny and well prepared. They are able to conjure up a cheerful mood in the city centre.

GeorgeP and John in the parks of Bath Spa

The city centre is usually rather busy and full of tourists when the weather is fair. In order to have a rest, one need not go long distance since there is a few parks (overfilled with the natural greenery), situated near the city centre. In the left-top corner there is a picture of the historical Royal Crescent which is situated at the edge of the Royal victoria Park. In the next figure, there is an artificial water canal, the Avon Canal. It is usually full of houseboats and locks which haul the water level up. Next, there is a picture of the Botanical Garden which is situated in the Royal Victoria Park. The bottom-left picture is again from the Royal Victoria Park. The bottom-middle picture was taken in the Sydney Gardens during the feeding of squirrels there. The bottom-right picture depicts a train going through the Sydney Gardens.

Bath Spa at night

The lights delightfully illuminate Bath Spa at night. In the two left-hand pictures there is the Abbey Church. The entrance to the Roman Baths and the Pump Room is depicted in the top-right picture. Finally, the Pulteney Bridge is displayed in the bottom-right photo.

The University of Bath

The university of Bath is situated up on a hill (Cleverton Down). It might be better to call it a small university town because there are halls of residence, shops, bars, and banks in the campus. Moreover, there are also large sports facilities there (i.e. football and rugby pitches, golf and tennis courses, and swimming pools).

GeorgeP's friends in Bath Spa

Not only at the university but also in the job I found a lot of new friends from all around the world (Kenya, China, Finland, India, USA, Bolivia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Libya, France, Georgia, and England) and with most of them I've been still in contact using the Internet. The left-hand picture is from the kitchen in the John Wood Court hall of residence, where I moved for the summer vacation time (from the left you can see me, Vigiya from India, Jussi and his girlfriend -- both were from Finland, Archit from India, my twin-brother John, and the married couple from China). The right-hand picture was taken in front of the library on North Parade in the university campus (from the left you can see Archit from India, me, and Kai from China).

GeorgeP and the Bink's Restaurant

As I already wrote, I used to work in the Bink's Restaurant by the Abbey Church during my stay in Bath Spa. In the left-hand picture you can see my work clothes, in the middle picture I am photographed together with my English workmate Kim in the Ben&Jerry's Icecream section of the restaurant. The right-hand picture shows me, manager Alex, and my brother John. My brother stayed also in Bath Spa under the Socrates/Erasmus Programme. However, it was two years before me! Moreover, he also used to work in the Bink's Restaurant. The work in the restaurant is backbreaking, but when super-duper people meet there, one can have so much of fun there as they never dreamt of! As none of the English was able to pronounce my Czech name “Jiří” correctly, they all were allowed to call me simply “George”.

There is quite a number of other georgeous sights and places that I photographed in Bath Spa, but due to insufficient space these weren't displayed here, for example, the Circus, Great Pulteney Street, (where a scene for the Hollywood movie “Vanity Fair” was filmed), Sham Castle, Alexandra Park, Prior Park, Beckford's Tower. These pictures and many more can be found at

I liked all the half-a-year Socrates/Erasmus stay in England very much and I will never forget about it. Thank you dear international friends! Thank you Bath!