There are only three photos on this page. They were created during a festive ending of my studies at University -- during the graduation. It was the graduation of students of the Faculty of Aplied Sciences at the University of West Bohemia (study field Computer Science and Engineering). Our graduation took place on July 11th 2002 at 1:00pm in the community center “Dům kultury” in Pilsen (Plzeň), CZ.
GeorgeP and the diploma Honza and the diploma
Is here someone, who cannot distinguish which photo is GeorgeP situated on? If they are than I am really happy because we are not so similar at last photographies in photos section. So, I am on the left photo. I am taking my academical “blue” diploma right after the signing the academical pledge. There is my brother John situated on the right photo. He's is taking his own academical diploma. If someone thought that I was on the right photo, they don't need to be sad because I was also wrong when I saw these photos for the first time. We can use academical title “Engineer” (i.e. we can put the shortcut “Ing.” before our names) from the moment when we passed the graduation.

GeorgeP, Honza and 'networkers'

This is the final photo from the graduation. There are almost all students of study field Computer Science and Engineering (specialization Distributed Systems) there. There missed only Ing. Pavel Flajšhans and Ing. Jan Klír during the making of this picture. In addition to “networkers”, there is also my brother who studied specialization Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality. Now the names of all persons on this photo (from the left side): Ing. Petr Baloun, Ing. Martin Skála, Ing. Miroslav Šťastný, Ing. Zdeněk Maxa, Ing. Zdeněk Mukenšnábl, Ing. Jiří Patera, Ing. Jan Patera, Ing. Michal Moučka, and Ing. Ladislav Vaiz.