There are a few photos that were made in Italy. We were there during our summer vacation together with our friends Milan and Kristýna. It was from Aug-09-2002 to Aug-19-2002 in the town called Alba Adriatica (palm riviera). The first two pictures are from Alba whereas the next two are from Roma where I went on a one-day trip. It was from travel-agency Inex from Pilsen, CZ.
GeorgeP and Katka GeorgeP, Honza, Kristýna, Milan and the sun-rise
This beautiful and siren miss next to me is not the Italian. She is Katka who was acting as a delegate of travel-agency Inex in Alba. She organized many interesting occasions for us there (a trip to Roma, evening with Italian pizza and dancing, a “funny” visit of the China Restaurant, etc.) She sweetened our vacation in Italy by those actions and we are sending our additional “thanks” to her for that. The Sun in Alba arose at about six o'clock in the morning there (during August). It wasn't funny to get up from our beds so early in the morning (especially after our last night programme). The next hard thing on this was to catch someone on the beach (we lived about 50 metres away from it) who could take a picture of all of us! The sky wasn't absolutely clear, only the small cloud was trying to hide the large Sun. I stood for the first time in my life near the sea here and, obviously, in the sea as well (in my age of 23 years). The water in the sea was really salt there (I tasted it). The sea was also fairly wavy. There are: GeorgeP, Honza, Kristýna a Milan on this picture (from the left side).

GeorgeP and the Vatican City GeorgeP and the Colosseum
The next wellknown place in Italy is the Vatican City, the smallest state in the world. This state is situated inside of Roma. It is the residence of the head of the Catholic Church -- the Holy Father or Pope (current Pope's name is John Paul II). The Vatican City has its own currency, post-marks and other indispensable things for an independent state. So I have already had a luck to see the Vatican City. You can see Saint Peter's Basilica and Sistine Chapel (next to me and hundreds of tourists) on this picture. I've always wished to stand on some world-famous and beautiful place in the world. The visit of Roma fulfilled my wishes. As you can see, I stood before the world-famous Colosseum on this photo. There was a few individuals who worn the dresses of the gladiators with the Caesar alongside. The weather there was great but after a nine-hour-long walk around Roma I was tired enough.

I also saw other sights during the tour around Roma, e.g. Pantheon, Forum Romanum, Capitol or Fontana di Trevi (there, to ensure good luck and early return to Rome, I tossed a coin over my left shoulder into the fountain).