During my study stay in England, I visited its capital -- London. The trip there was full of adventure and fun. I met there a few lovely Czech girls who were there like au-pairs. The best pictures from the weekend in London are situated right here on this page.
GeorgeP in London (1)

The pictures from the top-left corner to the bottom-right one are as follows: the St. Pauls Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, London Eye whose center-line is said to be made in Pilsen in the Czech Republic, Tower Bridge, and Parliament with sharp Big Ben's clock.

GeorgeP in London (2)

I did my best to visit all sights in London in two days. You know, it was pretty a big job. In these photos you can find (from the top-left corner): the Trafalgar Square, Piccadily Circus. The two pictures on the left-hand are from the world-famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. In the left-bottom corner there is a guard-changing process in front of the Buckingham Palace, and then the Speaker's Corner in the Hyde Park, where the pros and cons of the war in Iraq were announced.

Quite a lot of people can remember the Hollywood movie “Notting Hill” (starring Julia Roberts and Hue Grant). My brother and I, we did our best to find the bookstore and the door from this movie. London citizens living in Notting Hill city section were of service to us; however, finally, one policeman told us that the door is overdone and painted in a different color. As we didn't have plenty of time, we gave up the searching.

Next, I visited a lot of other lovely places in London, I will mention the Greenwich with its Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian (or Zero Longtitude). Moreover, I visited places like the Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Kensington Palace, Canary Wharf, Cutty Sark, Harrod's Store, or Hyde Park. Most of these pictures and many more you can find at this address: London is a very beautiful city, I'd say it can be compared even with Prague.