Here you can find a few photos (of me and my brother) from the present and also from the times long ago...
GeorgeP and Honza traveling GeorgeP and Honza cycling
We were going for a fresh water to Habr (very small village near Volduchy) with this vehicle when we were young. A few years later the vehicle was adjudged for “motor racing”. I must confess that I don't know if I am the boy on the right or on the left side of this photo (but I guess that I am the boy on the left -- it's just my weird feeling). This photo ilustrates the way how I started with sports. Parents taught me how to ride a bicycle and I found cycling as a great sport. Nowadays, the bicycle is still one of my best “friends”.

GeorgeP badminton GeorgeP -- Primary School Honza -- Primary School
Well, that's me! I am 100% sure. If your health is important to you, you like sport. I left badminton very quickly but not the sport spirit. This photo was made a long time ago... “Summer 1983”. Huh, my memory is not so good... but this date was printed at the backside of the picture. Well... school is school. It bothers me sometimes of course. But what, it's still better than work -- there will be enough work in my life after studies. Tell me friends... who of you is able to distinguish between me and my brother? I know it can take some time but I can make it. So anyone else should make it too. Now... check out the shirt's pocket (it may be needed to enlarge the photo)... still nothing? OKay, if you enlarged the picture enough you have found that there is a name printed at the shirt's pocket of the left boy (“JIRKA” is my CZech name which equals to George in English). So GeorgeP is the left one and John (Honza) is the other one. However, this was our first school year... the year 1985/1986.

GeorgeP dance lessons Honza dance lessons
We are getting more to the present now. It's still the past but it isn't so far from the present. These two photos (if I am not wrong) are comming from Summer 1997 when we were attending standard and latin-american dance training lessons in Rokycany (my hometown). They were led by dance masters Evžen Krejčík and Lenka Bahníková. You can see GeorgeP with Gabriela on the left picture and John (Honza) with Lucie on the right one.

GeorgeP '99 Honza '99
Oops! These two photos are only a couple of years old. However, they are not still actual (they come from Spring 1999). There was only one reason why these photos were made... our personal ID cards had expired after five years of their validity. So if there hadn't been ID cards, these photos would've never seen the world. Evidently, I am on the left picture and my brother John (Honza) is on the right one. We don't look very similarly here but there is not end of the world today!
True love ;-)